About Minty

As an artist at heart, I have been tinkering, sculpting, experimenting and following an unknown and exciting path of creative exploration and discovery my entire life. My work includes photography, silicone enhanced beverage-ware, model-making, 3D printing, and, most recently a deep devotion to Breeze Blocks.

Shortly after moving to Palm Springs I became aware of the prolific use of breeze-blocks in local Mid-Century architecture. The blocks come in a wide range of designs but are almost always seen in rows and stacks, creating wonderful geometric patterns. Check out this link for an interesting article on breeze blocks.

The discovery of these "cool" building blocks got me thinking about other uses for them. Changing color, size, configuration, and material were at the top of the list. My first project was to get my hands on some of these bricks and, do what? Hmm....how about a lamp?  

Sunflower and Vista Vue table lamps


Several lamps later I'd become very attached to these shapes and designs, and wanted to do more. Jewelry was suggested to me by my husband and that really got the ball rolling...

 Stainless Steel Pendant   


Magnets have always been something I've enjoyed so I thought, why not? let's scale down the blocks and make magnets...

Magnet assortment

And then a friend suggested keychains.  Brilliant! So I got to work on that...

SunFlower keychain


This flurry of ideas came in a very short period so I've been quite busy trying to keep up. There's so much more to tell about the materials testing of materials, starting up a business, the choices of colors, and package designs. Mainly I wanted to share what started it all, and that was the move to Palm Springs.  

Moving to the desert was a dream of mine for many years but also meant leaving, a good job, friends and family behind. From that tough change came this new whoosh of creative excitement that keeps me happily busy every day. Thus Minty's Design was born.